airthinx is the first affordable professional instrument for continuous indoor air quality monitoring at room level.


  • Greenbuild International Conference & Expo
    Airthinx, Inc. - Booth 140

    Chicago, IL. Nov 14-16

  • ASIC Air Sensors International Conference
    Airthinx, Inc.

    Oakland, CA. Sept 12-14

  • CEDIA Expo 2018
    Airthinx, Inc. - Booth 5920

    San Diego, CA. Sept 4-8



“Langan has partnered with Airthinx to leverage the use of the devices in corporate buildings to help create a healthier and more productive environment while creating significant cost savings from maintenance and energy optimization.”

Gary Bacon, EHS Management and Compliance, Langan Engineering, USA

“Nanolevel had been looking for air quality monitoring solutions when we stumbled across Airthinx. Plug and play, high-tech, affordable. The perfect complement to our Clean Air portfolio.”

Michael Wehbe, Executive officer, Nanolevel, DUBAI

“As a consulting design engineer, I am aware that the best intentions and latest technology often fail when needed maintenance and constant monitoring are neglected. In that regard, the Airthinx is a significant development and improvement. It’s low cost, easy installation, ability to monitor multiple potential contaminants and ease of integration with BMS and specialized monitoring/alarm centers allows for an unprecedented number of devices to be installed, and the original design intent to be fully maintained, assuring high IAQ.”

Valentine Lehr, CEO, Lehr Engineering

“It’s relatively inexpensive instruments are installed within a business or home that gather data associated with air quality, all in real time. That information is then stored in the company’s cloud software, which it monitors for a monthly fee. At the appropriate times, managers or consumers are notified to shift their usage patterns. That not only cuts down on electricity bills and pollutant levels but it can also improve the performance of existing equipment”

Ken Silverstein, Forbes

“Real-time indoor air quality data provides value to customers, especially considering the potential health risks of waiting for a monitoring device to arrive or waiting for the results of a test. This is a cost-effective solution.”

Environmental Leader Committee

“This is a pretty amazing new product. I saw it first-hand several months ago, and knew that its monitoring capability, functionality and ease-of-implementation could really make it stand out in our Awards program.”

Tim Hermes, Publisher of Business Sector Media

“Powers IoT is happy to support and promote the Airthinx brand to all of our customers. Whether the customer is a home owner, property or office manager, the Airthinx smart IoT air quality monitor will help maintain a healthy indoor environment. As one of the top Elite Nest Pros in the country, the Airthinx/Nest integration provides added value to our customers. When air quality conditions drop, Airthinx sends a signal to the Nest thermostats to circulate the air, quickly improving the air quality. Thanks Airthinx for making such a great solution! We look forward to a continued partnership in the years to come.”

Jason Powers, CEO, Powers IoT