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Solutions for COVID-19

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Airthinx’s automated dynamic control system provides a complete response to the challenge of controlling and remediating today’s indoor health risks.

Solutions for COVID-19 and beyond

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We clean the air you breathe

Turn every space into a safer place with a 24/7 automated indoor environment control system to remediate current COVID-19 indoor risks and prepare for future airborne health epidemics.

Air Quality Monitoring by Airthinx

We Secure Your Health:


Decrease the allergens in the air by reducing PM levels as well as controlling conditions like humiditiy.


Lessen airborne viruses and other harmful bacteria in the air by reducing levels of CO2 and Particulate matter


Detect and remediate toxic threats, such as VOC's and Formaldehyde, to prevent harm from occuring.

Air Quality Monitoring by Airthinx

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To fully comply with the highest global institutional health & safety standards in any space installed

  • Air Quality Monitoring by Airthinx
  • Air Quality Monitoring by Airthinx
  • Air Quality Monitoring by Airthinx
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One-Stop-Shop for clean air.


For Buildings & Indoor Facilities

Providing cost-effective 24/7 continuous indoor air quality monitoring and management.


For Outdoor Environments

Professional wide range coverage for outdoor environmental monitoring.

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