I love this technology. Most people want to know the water they drink is safe. I also want to know that the air I breathe is safe.
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Randy Smith, Director

Gilbane Building Company, Facility Management

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Gilbane integrates airthinx platform with new software system TRIRIGA to optimize labor demand

The Client’s needs: I reviewed several IAQ sensors and pricing. Some sensors monitored temperature/humidity/pressure. Other sensors monitored between 7 to 9 different IAQ readings. I needed an IAQ solution that not only monitored readings associated with comfort, but also readings associated with employee health, safety and productivity (CO2, tVOCs, CH2O, and Particulate Matter). AirThinx provided the most complete set of IAQ readings, so I was willing to pay a premium for the AirThinx solution.

AirThinx IAQ Data: I tested the AirThinx sensors in several corporate office buildings. We discovered high CO2 patterns, which were high enough to start affecting employee productivity at work. Over the testing period, we also observed patterns across the day and week that correlated with the effectiveness of the HVAC systems. On occasion we observed VOC spikes that set off a notification, due to cleaning activities in the area and employees using spray in the office area.

Outcome: In these cases, we recommended an increase in airflow in those areas during the afternoon hours to control the CO2 levels.

Role of Facilities Management: As a Facilities Management Consultant, I was interested in integrating the IAQ monitoring system with a customer’s existing FM software. I tested the integration of AirThinx with an IWMS solution called TRIRIGA. The initial integration was to display the most current IAQ readings with the room space record in the FM system. The primary integration goal was to automatically generate a Work Order from the FM system to the Maintenance Staff or Health Safety Officer when an alert is created by the AirThinx system. A secondary integration point between AirThinx and the client’s FM system is the existing CAFM floor plans. The idea is to color-code room spaces based on their IAQ readings. This visualization of IAQ readings on a CAFM floor plan would provide a better understanding of the relationship between the IAQ readings in a space versus the Space-Use and the HVAC system supporting that space.

Integration: The ultimate goal would be to integrate the AirThinx system directly with the Building BAS control system in order to automatically adjust the HVAC requirements based on current IAQ readings. For example, increasing airflow to areas where the CO2 readings are drifting higher in the afternoons. This is about not only keeping your work spaces comfortable, but also keeping it healthy and productive.

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