Employees feel safer knowing that the air quality is being monitored continuously in real-time, creating a positive cultural impact.
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Rayna Brown, Industrial Hygienist

Midwestern Electrical Utility

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airthinx validates good air quality across facilities

The Client’s needs: Midwestern Electrical Utility needed to assess Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in several of their facilities. One of the things about the technology that was attractive was being able to operate it remotely and consistently receive accurate measurements in real-time, in a user friendly way, leveraging a new technology in a unique way.

Role of Industrial Hygienist: The monitors allowed us to conduct a more in depth analysis that provided us with a better understanding of what was happening in the different facility locations, rather than having to rely on a single person to collect the data locally as required by more traditional and expensive methods.

AirThinx IAQ Data: We appreciated the consistency of the data and being able to log-in remotely and/or receive alerts at our convenience, allowing us to become more productive. The longer-term indoor air quality survey also fostered a more comfortable worker environment. Employees feel safer knowing that the air quality is being monitored continuously in real-time, creating a positive cultural impact. Personnel felt like someone is watching over the ship, and we could never have supported this additional measure of due diligence of longer-term continuous monitoring in real-time with our existing staffing supply. Not only were we able to profile IAQ but we were able to grow our culture in alignment with our company’s guiding principles.

Customer Service: Customer service is exemplary with response times within minutes. We especially appreciated the willingness and enthusiasm of the Airthinx associates to explain all the different elements of the platform and even offer different perspectives on how to interpret the data.

Feasibility: Besides consistency, which is key, the size and convenience of the devices is another attribute that we appreciate. If in fact, an air quality issue comes up, we can easily send it through the mail to the local safety personal on site who can simply plug it in, begin monitoring, and mitigate any environmental hazards that might arise. Meanwhile, I can just as easily log-in to my app or computer and monitor the IAQ remotely in collaboration with the off site personnel.

Affordability: The attention to detail, like the calibration of the monitor’s built-in sensors. are included in the annual subscription, that is a very low cost.

Risk Management: Over the last several decades, there have many inquiries into the air quality conditions at one specific facility. With the use of the Airthinx, we conclusively demonstrated that in fact, there was no issue. In an exceptionally low cost way, we provided a big picture of the IAQ, making everyone happy knowing that it was a safe working environment.

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