The greatest challenge to getting back to work and returning to normal life is fear of spreading COVID-19. The CDC has acknowledged that SARS-Cov-2 travels airborne through respiratory droplets. These droplets can be suspended in the air and allow for transmission of COVID-19.

Airthinx solutions offer immediate relief to public, commercial and private facilities that require protection from Covid-19 and other airborne health risks. Its unique, patented AI-driven technology, offers end-to-end protection of indoor spaces through 24/7 continuous monitoring and detection that constantly evolves to meet the dynamic flow of air in a room. Our monitoring solution can detect ultrafine particles, in line with those that have been associated with COVID-19.

Once threats to healthy air are detected, the solution offers immediate remediation of air quality issues and real-time reporting offering the confidence people need to reopen and revitalize during the pandemic.

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Airthinx Solution For Covid 19

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