Build Confidence

Inspire confidence in your space by sharing the state of the air quality in your building. Transparency is important when it comes to the health of your indoor space. Airthinx Public Dashboards enable you to monitor & remediate air quality problems in real time, while showing your occupants that the air they breathe is safe. Build confidence with your community and provide a healthy environment now and into the future.

Visual Displays For Every Location

We enable you to visualize the quality of your air by monitoring, analyzing, and displaying all the key components that effect our health in every indoor space. Our visual tools can be displayed in every location of your choice to assure full transparency to occupants.

Airthinx IAQ Sensors

See Every Change As It Happens

The air in indoor spaces is constantly changing. Airthinx monitors and analyzes the air quality on-site 24/7, which assures accurate real-time air quality readings.

Airthinx IAQ Sensors

Employees feel safer knowing that the air quality is being monitored continuously in real-time, creating a positive cultural impact.

Rayna Brown Industrial Hygienist

Airthinx Sopthisticated Air Quality Device

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