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Our Mission is to leverage the most advanced technologies and solutions in the air quality arena to upscale the security of public health and the health of the economy. We are continuously looking to join forces with hardware, software and project integration providers who bring the latest technology, solutions, and services. The swift and seamless integration with the Airthinx platform always creates a new added value proposition to consumers everywhere.

Airthinx Partner Program

If you are an air quality or HVAC service provider or manufacturer, a smart home/building solution provider, or an integrator who is looking to implement an air quality solution into a project, you can find the Airthinx Partner Program a unique opportunity to grow your client base and your value proposition to current customers.

Connect With Our IoT Platform

AirthinxOS enables any device to become part of the most sophisticated air quality management system, Airthinx AQMS. Using AI and machine learning found within AirthinxOS, our system will adapt dynamically to air quality changes and environmental triggers. OEMs that adapt to AirthinxOS have the ability to become part of the only standalone AQMS that ensures the most cost-optimized healthy environments.

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Program Key Benefits:

Integration with our partner program is easy and simple. Providers and manufacturers who integrate with us have the ability to become part of the only standalone AQMS, and gain the advantage of an ecosystem around air quality monitoring & remediation.

  • 1
    Advanced Technology

    Integrate into the most advanced air quality monitoring ecosystem on the market that uses AI and machine learning functionality to provide you with accurate and reliable data acquisition and analytics.

  • 2
    Customer Base Growth

    Join the Airthinx Qualified Providers Group to be part of solutions proposed to our customers, which will grow your exposure and customer base.

  • 3
    Value-Added Proposition

    Increase the value proposition to your customers, who benefit from real-time air quality data & remediation, ensure the highest quality air in your indoor environments, and benefit from the most cost-effective system.

For Air Quality and HVAC Service Providers and Manufacturers

Connect your HVAC or Air Quality systems with our continuously monitoring IoT sensors, through our developer friendly APIs and SDKs, to create an enhanced offering that features a whole new level of data analysis insights and air quality remediation at your and your client’s fingertips.

For Air Quality and HVAC Service Providers and Manufacturers
Air Quality & HVAC

For Smart Home/Building IoT Solutions Providers

Take your Smart Home/Building solutions to the next level by integrating our IoT sensor technology with your smart devices to enhance data insights and visualization, and expand your ecosystem’s capabilities with our developer friendly APIS and SDKs.

For Smart Home/Building IoT Solutions Providers
Smart Buildings

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