October 8, 2018

Breathe Easier with Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Cierra Snyder, Green Building Alliance

Indoor air quality is one of the many emerging topics of environmental health and green building. Humans spend more time indoors than out, therefore the air we are breathing while inside is critically important to our health.

As we become more aware of the health impacts of not having a clean breathing environment, products are emerging on the market to allow for safer building materials, cleaning products, and cleaner air. Indoor air quality is one of the factors that the WELL building standard focuses on, as it directly relates to people’s lives and prosperity.

Airthinx IAQ device box

A good place to start with this is first being able to measure and track your building’s indoor air quality, which will help to find areas for improvement. Throughout the years, there have been many air quality monitors, all with different styles of use, data recording, setup, etc. Recently, at Green Building Alliance, we started using the AirThinx monitor to track the state of our office’s air quality. What we first loved about the device was the ease in the activation; after setting up an account online, it was simply plugged in anywhere and able to be used. This portable monitor can be moved to any location and instantly start collecting data. We look forward to bringing the monitor to other offices as we show them how it works and hope to help our partners start tracking their indoor air quality.

During the construction project in our office, we have used the AirThinx monitor to track the changes that are happening and how it impacts our working environment. We can check updates in real time and go back and compare to different points of the process. With the online display, anyone with access can log on and view the data collected by the monitor. The experience can be customized to suit the needs of the user. Changeable dashboards, alerts and notifications, light options, and viewing options make AirThinx unique and fun to use.

If you are playing with the idea of working on the indoor air quality in your living or working space, an air quality monitor may be your next move. To quantify the impacts of your changes, a baseline is essential. Cleaner air means happier people and contributes to Pittsburgh’s p4 initiatives, benefiting the overall goals of a greater, more sustainable, city. Give it a try and start working on your healthier indoor environment!

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