November 4, 2019

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring
Can Keep You Healthy

Frank Haverkate, Bionic Healthy

Just the other day we were able to help one of our clients fix their air quality issues the moment it happened! One of our client’s in the GTA, that is on our Bionic Healthy Home VIP program which includes continuous air quality monitoring through the Airthinx product, was able to fix her air quality issues the moment it happened.

This particular client suffers from asthma and environmental allergies and lives in a newer condominium building. She opted for our Bionic VIP program because she is able to monitor her air quality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from her iPhone or securely from the cloud on any web enabled device. Part of this service is that we at Bionic also monitor her air quality and consult with her when an air quality alert is registered by the Airthinx monitor.

We noticed that her humidity levels in her apartment were dropping below normal seasonal levels which would make the indoor air very dry. We also noticed that her airborne dust levels suddenly increased (likely because of cigarette smoke next door). We were able to get in touch with our client and walk her through fixing her poor indoor air quality before it would produce an allergic reaction and affect her health. We advised her to plug in a portable humidifier and increase her humidity by 15% and also run her HEPA air filtration device. Her humidity levels were raised preventing dry indoor air which can cause sinus irritation and even infections. Her dust levels were quickly reduced to levels that would prevent an allergic response. All in a days work from the Bionic VIP air monitoring program using the revolutionary Airthinx monitor.

If you have allergies to dust, mould or other pollutants, have chemical sensitivities, or are susceptible to indoor allergies you need to speak to us about the Bionic Healthy Home VIP program that includes the Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring. It can help reduce or eliminate allergic reactions cause by air quality issues.

Contact us today for an assessment and quote on how to make your home a healthier home.

The Bionic VIP program is great for baby’s nursery, bedrooms and any other room in your home or office.

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