November 1, 2018

Top HVACR Products: November 2018


Take a closer look at the leading sustainable HVACR products.

Dandelion Air [Photo: Courtesy of Dandelion]

1. Dandelion Air

Dandelion Air is an all-in-one residential heating, air conditioning, and hot water system designed by Dandelion. It’s four times more efficient than a conventional furnace and nearly twice as efficient as a traditional AC system. Dandelion Air taps into the ground as a heat source and distributes heating and cooling through ductwork and vents. It features a multi-speed fan and compressor for quiet, efficient operations. The system is connected to the cloud for real-time performance monitoring. Safe, low maintenance, and fuel-free, it eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and boosts IAQ. It’s available in four sizes and has a life expectancy of more than 20 years.

Constant Airflow Regulator [Photo: Courtesy of eFlow USA]

2. Constant Airflow Regulator

Constant airflow regulators by eFlow USA precisely control airflow into or out of a given space. The self-regulating, adjustable devices optimize energy efficiency, minimize stack effect, and eliminate over-ventilation. The product offers automatic air balancing and better airflow distribution for healthier indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings. You can also customize the airflow for each area of the building by simply adjusting the regulator with a screwdriver. The product is bidirectional, meaning the valve can be flipped to change from exhaust to supply. It is available in various diameter sizes, including the smallest size on the market today—3 inches wide.

KE2 Evap OEM [Photo: Courtesty of KE2 Therm Solutions]

3. KE2 Evap OEM

This refrigeration controller by KE2 Therm Solutions incorporates new features requested by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. The Evap OEM provides efficient controls and communications that can help save 15 to 50% more energy than traditional mechanically controlled systems. It eliminates unnecessary defrosts usually linked to timed based alternatives, which lessens energy usage and preserves product integrity. The controller maximizes energy efficiency with reduced compressor run time as a result of its shorter defrosts. It also gets rid of excessive temperature fluctuations and ice formation on floors and ceilings. And you can access controls and monitor system operations both onsite and remotely, giving you more flexibility.

Comfy [Photo: Courtesy of Comfy]

4. Comfy App

Comfy’s intuitive workplace app connects people, places, and building systems for improved comfort and energy efficiency. By integrating machine learning and smart automation, Comfy App has helped reduce HVAC energy use by 20%. Through the app, users can make their environment cooler or warmer on-demand for optimal comfort. And their temperature preferences can be automatically applied over time, too. Users can adjust lighting in open spaces or conference rooms and alter the schedule if they’re working late. They can book meeting rooms, submit requests, and flag issues as well. The app provides a platform to better understand building performance and energy consumption through data insights.

Evergreen Commercial High-Efficiency Boiler [Photo: Courtesy of Weil-McLain]

5. Evergreen Commercial High-Efficiency Boiler

The Evergreen high-efficiency boiler from Weil-McLain is a flexible model ideal for small to medium-sized commercial projects. It is low NOx (less than 20 PPM) and has a high combustion efficiency of 96.5%. The boiler allows up to 24 programmable zones with no additional control panel needed, which helps reduce installation costs. The Evergreen maintains optimal energy efficiency through lead-lag rotation and balanced heat loading across an entire network of boilers. It achieves ENERGY STAR standards with an AFUE rating of 95%. Available in both floor and wall-mount models, the Evergreen features a durable heat exchanger and a user-friendly interface, along with minimal maintenance requirements.

ArmaFix EcoLight [Photo: Courtesy of Armacell]

6. ArmaFix EcoLight

Armacell’s ArmaFix EcoLight offers a greener way to strengthen your pipes. The lightweight, durable pipe support features a PET core made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. In traditional pipe hanger applications, pipes aren’t thermally isolated from the pipe brackets. This can cause thermal bridging and condensation, which leads to corrosion and energy losses. The EcoLight prevents thermal bridging by isolating the pipe and bracket from each other, supporting a long-term insulation system with improved thermal protection and condensation control. Self-sealing and simple to install, the EcoLight also has load-bearing properties to ensure insulation material isn’t crushed or damaged by the weight of the pipe.

GLAS Smart Thermostat [Photo: Courtesy of Johnson Controls]

7. GLAS Smart Thermostat

The new GLAS smart thermostat by Johnson Controls makes homes more connected. Compatible with many smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, GLAS offers hands-free temperature controls and important data insights. It’s the first smart thermostat of its kind to use a translucent OLED touchscreen display. GLAS adapts to your schedule while intelligently maintaining a comfortable environment and enhancing energy efficiency. In addition to refined temperature controls, the smart thermostat provides continuous run-time reports, a seven-day record of energy savings, and customizable scheduling. GLAS also monitors indoor air quality, including humidity, VOCs, and carbon dioxide. It intuitively operates ventilation equipment when IAQ falls below moderate levels.

Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitoring device [Photo: Courtesy of Airthix]

8. Airthinx IAQ Device

The airthinx IAQ device by Airthinx is the first low-cost IoT monitor that delivers real-time, industrial-level air quality measurements for commercial and residential spaces. It features a cutting-edge processor, artificial intelligence, and smart sensor technology. Always linked to the cloud, the portable monitor offers data access via the web or the airthinx app. At a glance, you can see your color-coded air quality score: good (green), moderate (yellow), or poor (red). The airthinx monitors carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, humidity, VOCs, barometric pressure, and particulate matter like dust, fungi, bacteria, pollen, and exhaust. You can mount it on any wall, and it works immediately with no need for configuration.

Undercounter KMEdge Cuber [Photo: Courtesy of Hashizaki America]

9. Undercounter KMEdge Cuber

Hoshizaki America’s new line of undercounter ice makers produces the company’s signature crescent-shaped ice with an energy-efficient edge. Their unique KMEdge design offers a faster harvest cycle, a durable stainless steel exterior, and maximized heat exchange. The CycleSaver feature makes ice in half the time, increasing the equipment life span. The greenest of the new line is the ENERGY STAR–certified undercounter ice maker (model KM-115BAJ), which uses 15% less electricity and 11% less water than former models. This self-contained model with built-in storage can produce up to 116 pounds of ice daily. At a height of 39 inches with six-inch legs, this front-vented ice maker fits perfectly in tight

DVM Chiller [Photo: Courtesy of Samsung HVAC]

10. DVM Chiller

Samsung HVAC’s DVM chiller combines the benefits of VRF and chiller systems. Connected to multiple indoor units via water piping, this air-cooled chiller delivers cooling and heating to individual zones, which helps save energy and improve occupant comfort. Depending on zonal requirements, you can combine modules in numerous configurations to expand the chiller’s capacity. Its modular design and compact size reduces the time, cost, and labor needed for transportation and installation. The DVM also features a BLDC inverter compressor with flash injection technology and an evaporative condenser. With advanced programming options, you can choose from various system operation modes to ensure high performance.

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