September 27, 2019

Your company's profitability
is directly tied to air quality!

Bionic Healthy

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Air Quality and Profitability [Air Quality and Profitability]

Your company’s productivity as well as profitability is directly linked to it’s indoor environment. You can now see your air quality and react immediately.

Keep your workplace healthy, innovative and productive. Check out the Airthinx solution.

We have been indoor air quality consultants in the GTA for roughly 20 years. We provide indoor air quality and indoor environmental consulting to small business, large corporations as well as niche markets like the Cannabis production industry. Never have we seen an indoor air quality monitoring solution like the Airthinx.

The biggest challenge with our commercial clients was always responding to an air quality concern within a time line that made our clients happy, dealt with employee air quality complaints and concerns in a timely manner and also provided solutions before they impacted the health, morale and productivity of a workspace. In most cases management and staff of an organization didn’t even know there was an air quality issue until they had been breathing in pollutants for several days, weeks even months.

Then once we received the call, we would have to dispatch an air quality technician to the site to analyze the indoor air quality with hand-held instrumentation or laboratory sampling. A few more days would pass until we would be able to provide a report with solutions of their health and safety concerns. This approach is quickly becoming antiquated thanks to a revolutionary approach to air quality monitoring, perfected by Airthinx.

The Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring product provides the tools and crucial data about the indoor environment to any size business so that they know the instant something is wrong with their air quality. Combined with our Bionic Healthy Workspace monitoring program, companies can now not only have the tools and data at their fingertips 24/7, but can also have immediate advice and assistance on how to solve their indoor air quality challenges before they affect employee health, morale and productivity of the company.

The Airthinx solution combined with the Bionic Healthy Workspace monitoring program can provide 1 person or an entire team, in any size firm, immediate access to continuous air quality monitoring data. It allows us to assess and solve any indoor air quality threat before it could affect and detract from your company’s day to day operations.

The Airthinx monitor is discreet, compact, and affordable. The cloud based reporting console is easy to securely access from any online device from anywhere in the world. Our consulting experience can quickly assess and advise you on how to react to indoor environmental issues before it affects your company.

Employee complaints about air quality can be distracting and disruptive. Employee absenteeism and staff taking sick days can negatively affect work flow. Reduced staff morale due to the work environment can impact staff retention and more increasingly is part of new hires decision making process on whether to even work for a company. Poor indoor air quality affects all occupant’s cognitive abilities, creativity, innovation and productivity. In other words, poor air quality costs your company money.

Just like any business challenge…you can’t solve what you can’t see.

Speak to us today about your company’s indoor work environment. From biophilic designs, air quality filtration systems, living walls to air quality monitoring, we can make your workplace a Bionic Healthy Workspace.

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