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airthinx indoor air quality monitoring device

what does airthinx monitor?

  • PM 1 Monitoring

    PM 1

    PM 2.5 Monitoring

    PM 2.5

    PM 10 Monitoring

    PM 10

  •  Monitoring


  • VOC Monitoring


  • CH2O Monitoring


  • Temperature Monitoring


  • Pressure Monitoring


  • Humidity Monitoring


Dust, fungi, bacteria, pollen, & diesel exhaust are common examples of Particulate Matter. The smaller these particles are, the worse they are for your health, especially because they are invisible. The smallest of the Particulates, PM 1.0 lingers in the atmosphere for weeks at a time, is freely transported by air currents, and is most likely to cause an infection by the bacteria that is released from just a single cough or sneeze.

As more people occupy a space, carbon dioxide levels spike, increasing the likelihood of sleepiness, distraction, lethargy and affecting productivity, concentration, and work performance.

TVOC’s, total volatile organic compounds, have been categorized as carcinogens by the EPA. There are up to 300 different VOC’s with emissions indoors now equal to what comes out of the tailpipe of your car. Spraying any type of cleaning agent will cause VOC’s to spike.

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring organic compound with the formula CH2O (H-CHO). The dangerous gas is commonly emitted by wooden painted surfaces, fabrics, carpets, adhesives & glues in furniture, and building materials like pressed wood & particle board.

Optimal temperature conditions range between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over can result in mental fatigue causing diminished reaction times and delayed information processing.

Differences in barometric pressure can increase the flow of infectious particles. Certain rooms within a healthcare building or industrial space should be positively or negatively pressurized with respect to surrounding areas. Positively pressurized rooms are usually designed to protect a patient, clean supplies, or equipment within the room. Negative pressure is used to contain airborne contaminants within a room.

Exposure to hazardous conditions resulting from building decay, water damage, poor plumbing, and legacy pollutants are exacerbated by high levels of humidity. Spikes in humidity may result in mold growth on any substance which can happen within 48 hours of contact with a surface, triggering asthma, respiratory symptoms, irritation of the eyes, nose & mouth.

device features

  • Device
  • Visual Alerts
  • Setup
  • 5G/4G/3G
  • GPRS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mesh
  • LoRA
  • NB-IoT
airthinx device base airthinx device rf part airthinx device sensors airthinx device processor
  • PM 1
  • PM 2.5
  • PM 10
  • CH2O
  • TVOC
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometer

Powerful processor combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to offer accurate, and reliable data acquisition, analytics and communication to the cloud

At a glance, you can see your air quality on your airthinx IAQ device or on the app. Your AQ score is presented as a color-coded circle to let you know the quality of the air you breathe.

Airthinx shows when the air quality is good
Airthinx shows when the air quality is moderate
Airthinx shows when the air quality is poor

Step 1

Mounting the Device

Using the provided base, you can mount airthinx™ on the wall by either using screws or double sided tape.

airthinx installation step 1

Step 2

Powering the Device

You can choose either one of the two provided micro-USB ports to power up your airthinx™, by connecting it to any standard power outlet or battery pack.

airthinx installation step 2

Step 3

Access your Data

You can access your data anytime, anywhere by visiting or by getting the airthinx app.

airthinx installation step 3
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airthinx interface dashboard

airthinx console

A dashboard customized by each user allowing an overview of your ecosystem within seconds.

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airthinx interface monitor

airthinx Console

Console provides access to data anytime, anywhere, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and collaboration.

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airthinx interface map

airthinx Console

Users can even view current status of their sensors and devices on our map.

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Smart data monitoring

The airthinx console is a fully-hosted, web application that enables end users to perform real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data, as well as collaborating with peers in an intuitive web-based environment.

  • Dashboard
  • Monitor
  • Alerts
  • Configure
  • Map
  • Share
  • Lease
  • Users
  • Organizations
  • API

Looks great on any device

The airthinx console makes data truly available on the go. Designed on an architecture that makes data accessible on any mobile device without compromising functionality and maintaining an outstanding UI/UX.

airthinx console is available on your mobile and tablet
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airthinx app

airthinx app

Download our app to get in-depth insights of your indoor air quality from your pocket.

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airthinx application

Feature Highlights


See the air you breathe with customized widgets.


App Statistics provide users with information like the percentage of the time their air quality is poor, moderate & good.

Data Management

Manage all of your accounts & devices from one place on the web or app.


Configuration enables turning the device and visual alerts on/off, setting email & text notifications, adding subscribers & more.

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