A real IoT platform

Airthinx is developed based on Netronix's IoT platform which provides a holistic approach to IoT by offering full control of the data flow from the field all the way to the end-user. It implement the most current trends in software development so other developers can create their applications/seolutions based on the data that is provided from Airthinx, fast and easy.

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The APIs provided make the development of applications and services fast and easy, i.e. a dreamland for developers.

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Our platform has built in modules for easily connecting to already established companies in the space of analytics and industrial processing like industry giants SAP & IBM.

Device Management

Airthinx offers a plethora of admin tools for device management such as, device activation/deactivation, firmware updates, and device provisioning.

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The biggest threat for IoT solutions is cyberattacks and that has been No 1 priority for Airthinx. The entire solutions is developed on a sophisticated and proprietary cloud architecture that ensures the highest standards of security and availability.