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Indoor Air Purification

The Airthinx solution carries out a comprehensive ‘Detect – Remediate – Display’ process - the only 24/7 automated, on-site indoor air purification system, with real-time visible results, achieving the highest air quality standards.

Air Quality Remediation

The remediation process is carried out by high level third-party mechanical systems (like air purifiers, HVAC, ventilation systems and more), all seamlessly connected through the Airthinx Operating System (AirthinxOS), and automatically activated as necessary, based on the real-time air quality status on site. There are two options for third-party mechanical systems to be Airthinx enabled:

Airthinx Air Quality Remediation

Airthinx Enabled

Purification Devices

Airthinx Thiamis X is integrated into purification systems that are placed in the room (usually smaller in size including portable devices). Connecting those devices with the IAQ monitoring system immediately activates the remediation process on-site.

Airthinx Air Quality Remediation

Airthinx HUB

Smart HVAC Systems

Airthinx HUB is used to externally connect all types of industrial and commercial building systems to the Airthinx platform, in order to activate the dynamic mitigation processes on-site.

Airthinx HUB

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