Why monitoring with airthinx™?

The challenge of gathering and collecting data without lag time is accomplished with unparalleled security. The Airthinx device utilizes the Netronix IoT platform and that ensures the highest standards of security, reliability and scalability of network, enabling the large scale & rapid deployment of multiple devices in any indoor built environment. Airthinx does away with costly installation, maintenance and operation of a solution. Unlike conventional stand alone systems, the airthinx device carries IoT in its DNA. The hybrid solution uses edge processing where part of the system functionality is local and part of the system processing is on the cloud. The robust cascaded cloud architecture enables adding function specific modules like artificial intelligence.

Traditional vs. IoT

Up and running in 3 simple steps...

Step 1

Mounting the Device

Using the provided base, you can mount airthinx™ on the wall by either using screws or double side tape.

airthinx installation step 1

Step 2

Powering the Device

You can choose either one of the two provided micro-USB ports to power up your airthinx™, by connecting it to any standard power outlet.

airthinx installation step 2

Step 3

Access data anytime, anywhere

You can access your data anytime, anywhere from any device by visiting airthinx.io

airthinx installation step 3

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