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Airthinx offers immediate relief to public, commercial, and private businesses arround the globe, with the new generation of the award-wining Airthinx solution. The Airthinx solutions suite is designed to secure indoor environments while providing employees and customers reassurance through a transparent display of the real-time air quality status. This is key to safely reopening workplaces today, and establishing a sustainable business infrastructure for the future.
Implementing these solutions into any business or organization is a simple and swift task.

Safeguarding Indoor Spaces

Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Airthinx System Solution

Airthinx’s automated dynamic control system is set to comply with the highest global standards for each key IAQ parameter in order to remediate the risk of virus transmission in confined spaces.

The system seamlessly integrates with all types of 3rd party mechanical systems, optimizing key air quality parameters, and enabling safer conditions for occupants who stay in the space for a long period of time - the key to safely reopening businesses and work places.

Airthinx System Controls

  • Ventilation - CO2
  • Filtration - PM, VOCs
  • Purification - PM, VOCs
  • Environmental - Temp. & Humidity
Airthinx System Solution

Airthinx executes ASHRAE Task force epidemic recommendation.

Airthinx Logo

The Airthinx product line was tailored to work together seamlessly to enable the full 'Monitor - Remediate - Display' process; providing clean air for any indoor space and transparently displaying air quality conditions to all occupants

Airthinx IAQ


Airthinx has solutions for all spaces:
Airthinx IAQ for indoor spaces, Airthinx GO for mobile indoor spaces, and Airthinx PRO for outdoor spaces.


Use Thiamis X integrated devices, or connect existing HVAC & BMS systems to the Airthinx cloud with Airthinx HUB.

Airthinx Hub
Airthinx Dashboards


Build confidence and trust through transparency with Airthinx public dashboards & the Airthinx app, while also performing real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data with Airthinx Console PRO.

The Impact

Airthinx's Value Proposition

Airthinx Solutions


Safe & Healthy Workplace

  • Platform: Stand alone, fully integrated, scalable, agile, and secure.
  • Operation: Automated Dynamic Control
  • Process: Continuous Monitoring and Remediation. Activates as-needed to achieve global indoor air quality institutional standards.
  • Technology: Cutting edge hardware - sensors, processor, communication.
  • Integration: Any 3rd party device / system
  • Implementation: Self-installed, Plug & Play deployment
Airthinx Safe & Healthy Workplace

Public Trust and Confidence

  • System: Smart Data management & Display
  • Display: Transparent & real-time IAQ status
  • Data management: Measurable, Traceable, Accurate
  • Data analysis: Powered by AI & ML
  • Visualization: Web & App displays.
  • Availability: Anytime, anywhere (global), online, on-site
  • Integration: Any 3rd party Data-driven system (BMS, ERP)
Airthinx Public Trust and Confidence

Efficiency & Savings

  • Energy consumption: reduce energy consumption and CO2 footprint reduction
  • Operation: efficient and optimized - cost reduction.
  • Maintanance: predictive and proactive.
  • Financial: Generate higher ROI and NOI
  • Building systems management: HVAC and mechanical systems monitoring and enhancement.
Airthinx Efficiency & Savings

Sustainable Businesses

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