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Airthinx offers hotels a comprehensive set of plug & play solutions to mitigate airborne and environmental risks anywhere: Indoor, Outdoor, or On-The-Go. The solutions suite provides an end-to-end layer of health and safety essential to all hotels. The Airthinx IAQ for indoor spaces including guest rooms and suites and Airthinx PRO for professional monitoring of the outdoor environment to alert users of critical events like wildfires and gas emissions in real time.

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The Solution for Clean Air

Our dynamic automated control system is the key to continuously detecting and effectively remediating air quality issues







Airthinx Solutions for Every Space

  • Indoor
  • Mobile
  • Outdoor

Indoor Air Quality Control

A sophisticated standalone system that continuously monitors on-site air quality, controls the parameters that facilitate the transmission of viruses, and eliminates toxic chemicals in the environment. All devices are seamlessly connected and controlled by AirthinxOS, where air quality data can be viewed in real time.

What Does It Include?

  • Airthinx IAQ monitoring device(s)
  • Portable Air purifier(s)
  • Airthinx Cloud account with access to web & app dashboard displays for viewing the real-time on-site air quality
Indoor Air Quality Control

Outdoor Environment Monitoring

Airthinx PRO offers the first data-driven IoT solution for continuous monitoring of outdoor air quality in real-time. Airthinx PRO is always connected & collecting data, using built-in artificial intelligence to detect critical events like wildfires and gas emissions. For professionals seeking customizable pollutant detection.

What Does It Include?

  • Airthinx PRO monitoring device(s)
  • Airthinx Cloud account with access to web & app dashboard displays for viewing the real-time on-site air quality.
Outdoor Environment Monitoring

Data Management

Sophisticated data analytics and visual displays that let you see the air you breathe

<b>On-Site</b><br>Air Quality Display

Air Quality Display

We enable hotels to visualize the quality of the on-site air by monitoring, analyzing, and displaying all the key components that effect our health in every indoor space. Our visual tools can be displayed in every location to assure full transparency to guests, visitors, and staff.

<b>Online</b><br>Air Quality Display

Air Quality Display

Our online web and app tools are available for everyone to view the real time air quality status of any space controlled by the Airthinx system, reassuring visitors, guests, staff, and building managers that all occupants are kept safe and healthy.

<b>Facility Management</b><br>System Dashboard

Facility Management
System Dashboard

Continuous monitoring allows you to see a detailed history of your indoor air quality, giving you insight to what may have caused a spike and when it occurred. Set up custom smart alerts to notify users when toxins and contaminate levels reach dangerous limits.

Installation & Deployment

A plug & play solution allowing immediate monitoring and remediation


Review & Plan

The Airthinx team will review the requirements of the facility, occupancy, and budget, then send a detailed plan with pricing.

Airthinx Review & Plan


Order the necessary amount of Airthinx IAQ devices. Once received, our team will guide you through the process of self-installation and connecting to the system, to begin immediately monitoring your air.

Airthinx Monitoring


Mapping of the on-premises air quality status will present the areas where there are gaps in the current air quality remediation processes. We will then recommend specific solutions needed to achieve full compliance with institutional standards.

Airthinx Mapping

Remediation Rollout

Following the air quality mapping of your facility, Airthinx can supplement monitoring with additional remediation systems (if needed), all automatically connected to your Airthinx account. By using our 360° approach to indoor air quality monitoring and remediation, the on-site air quality will move towards a stable Airthinx Blue status.

Airthinx Remediation Rollout

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