Air Quality Meets Powerful IoT Platform

The Airthinx system is based on a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) backbone that enables not only scalable, secure and reliable deployment, anywhere in the world, but also enables interoperability with third-party devices – a key factor in launching the next generation of our award-winning IAQ monitoring system.

  • Data Management
    • Continuous & accurate IAQ monitoring & analysis
    • Real-time reporting and display of on-site AQ status
  • System Operation
    • Dynamically activate the remediation devices according to on-site air quality status
    • Effectively remediate all air quality indicators
Airthinx Platform

The new generation of Airthinx solutions, the 360-degree approach to air quality control, utilizes cutting-edge data management and system operation capabilities to provide dynamic control systems – the only answer to the environmental challenges we face today and into the future.

Monitoring & Data Management

Airthinx devices utilizes smart sensor technology to continuously capture data processed locally and then pushed to the cloud via a secure & reliable connection.

Airthinx IAQ

The cloud is the mastermind of the whole operation. The cloud enables monitoring of all the devices on the field and manages all the connections to applications and 3rd party solutions such as SAP, Nest and more.

Providing tools for access to data for professionals and everyone else via the console PRO or airthinx app

Airthinx App

System Operation & Control

By connecting 3rd party remediation devices (Purifiers, Humidifers, HVAC) to Airthinx’s sophisticated platform, we present the only dynamic automated system for controlling the indoor environment.

airthinx works with any other sensors through thiamis
Airthinx IAQ Device

Airthinx Devices



Airthinx works with Purifiers


Airthinx works with HVAC systems


Airthinx works with Humidifiers


What Makes The Difference?

The award-winning Airthinx air quality management system has been designed to improve occupant health and create safe, energy-efficient spaces, anywhere in the world. The sophisticated IoT platform has enabled the development of the Airthinx Air Quality Management System (AQMS), which delivers three end-to-end, scalable, secure and reliable solutions that can be implemented in any type of indoor space or outdoor environment. By utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities, Airthinx delivers continuous and accurate measurements, effectively remediating air quality gaps, as well as reporting on air status in real time.

Airthinx OS

AirthinxOS is part of the sophisticated internet of things platform by Netronix, inc., and is the only operating system for air quality that enables any 3rd party device to integrate seamlessly and become part of the most sophisticated air quality management system on the market.

Data Accuracy

Utilizing the best sensor technologies available on the market, combined with digital signal processing, always ensures continuous and accurate measurements. In addition, sensors are calibrated for each device and are documented & certified.

Standalone Connectivity

Designed with IoT in its core, the airthinx is an independent & self-sufficient connected system that utilizes 3G/4G, WiFi, bluetooth, & mesh to connect to the cloud, without the need for a local network… and it works directly out of the box in a plug & play fashion.

Using AI & ML

Using Artificial Intelligence & deep learning, the data analytics engine can identify and classify events such as fire, smoke, and mold detection.

Scalable Solution

Airthinx’s scalable solution enables deployment directly out of the box, from the dozens to the thousands, offering reliable and continuous reporting of air quality parameters. Airthinx solutions are designed with the highest security standards to ensure the integrity of sensor readings and network security.


Airthinx is the only device on the market that measures 9 air quality parameters with accuracy & precision similar to industry reference instruments.


Airthinx is the only device on the market that offers true mobility. With a built-in 3G/4G cell modem, it’s not dependent on WiFi access for connectivity.

Developer Tools

Airthinx is designed with integration and interoperability in mind. Its developer tools enable data and device management in addition to direct integration to systems such as SAP and Nest.

Professional Device

Airthinx is developed with the professional in mind. With a plethora of tools, it is the most comprehensive solution for indoor air quality monitoring.

PM1 PM2.5 PM10 tVOC CO2 CH2O Temp. Humidity Pressure Total
Airthinx 9
Low cost devices 5
Professional Instrument 8
3G WiFi Bluetooth GPS Mesh Visual Alert Developer Tools (SDK, APIs) Total
Airthinx 7
Low cost devices 4
Professional Instrument 4
Mobile App User Management Dashboard Device Management Alerts Collaboration Tools Analytics Tools 3rd Party Integration Total
Airthinx 8
Low cost devices 3
Professional Instrument 2

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